I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1987 Summa Cum Laude and my Master of Fine Arts in Drawing in 1990 Magna Cum Laude - Both degrees were earned at the University of Washington.  I had the honor to be a teaching assistant for 5 of my MFA quarters at the UW. 

My Freshman year of college I was a Presidential Scholar with a full ride scholarship at University of Southern California. 


I am a professional artist who has been disabled with constant migraine since 2002.  I am also a Cancer Survivor from Uterine Cancer - 8 years Cancer Free.


I was introduced to the website Polyvore 8 years ago by my dear friend Jillian Venters, The Lady of the Manners at Gothic Charm School. I ended up creating my own digital art style of portraiture using the Polyvore website tools. I have been creating the employee portraits for all Polyvore employees for the last 3 years. 

Current Work:

In June of 2014, my husband gave me a new bamboo paper sketch book. This gift led me back to real world drawing for the first time in about 7 years. Since June I have used up over 9 sketchbooks and have done over 300 portrait drawings and illustrations. I started with my favorite comfort media - graphite. With encouragement, I picked up my first color pencils since 1985. My husband gave me a set of PrismaColor Art Pens for Christmas 2014. With these tools I have been creating drawings out of my imagination. I have been working only from life and from photos for almost 30 years. This is a exciting new direction for my art to take and I am thrilled!

Art Media:

I have worked in Oils, Water-miscible Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Egg Tempera, Pastel, Ink, Encaustic, Monotype Printmaking, Linoleum Block Printing, Color Pencil, Aqua Graphite, Lost Wax Sculpture, Stone Carving, Slip Cast Clay Sculpture, Paper and Fabric Sculpture, Paper Clay, Fabric Painting, Paper Making and Digital Art (Art Rage, Photoshop, Manga Studio, InDesign, Polvore).


I have taught art in schools, community art programs and one on one to students from ages 8 - 80. 

Work History:

Outside Sales, Technical Materials Trainer and Tour Guide for Daniel Smith Artist Materials.

Sales and Merchant Relations at Wizards of the Coast - Illustrated 4 Cards for the game V:TES the Sabbat in 1997.

Sales and Visual Display at Display & Costume Supply 

Sales and Visual Display for the Department Store Frederick & Nelson (I worked during college).

Family History in Art:

I am the proud 3rd out of 4 generations of women artists in my family to earn college art degrees. 

I owe my early exposure to art and art history to my mother Joan Nykreim. She came into my schools as I was growing up to teach Art and Creativity. She also worked to build Gifted Child Programs in all of the school systems I and my siblings attended.